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Flamingo Pattern

"With so much color data in my head, and working daily with new designs and projects, I developed a method to consistently select and combine color combinations my clients, and my team, love to work with."

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Focus on design

Save time and focus on your core design work, as you have access to:

  • 72 Colors each season: 9 Color Harmonies of 8 colors each

  • Instant Color Inspiration, the Easy Way, forget translating abstract trend reports

  • Color Intelligence that Kick-Starts Color Choices of you, your team or your clients.

AD Color concept

Color Concept

Next to great designs, colors are just as important. As color specialists, we develop a Color & Trend publication twice yearly.

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 "Astrid, your color combinations are gorgeous. Can we buy them?"

That's how it all started. We showed our color stories (made for internal use) to the clients of our design studio.

So, here they are.

Trend Color Harmonies for home products and interiors. For professional creatives who value fresh and updated colors (making color work more fun as a bonus).

  • Trend Colors that combine like a dream

  • Digital Color Palettes for your design software

  • New editions: Spring/Summer in January and Autumn/Winter in June

Design studio

Focus on interior colors

It's almost embarrassing, but it seems most trend agencies specialize in fashion colors. We focus on interior colors only. 

  • Build your Color Intelligence Library with more editions

  • These Home Colors can be enjoyed far longer than 1 season

  • Save 10% with a subscription

"We use WGSN.
I am very happy with them. But I need your colors for home textiles!"

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